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'Creating Digitally Inclusive Societies'

We can help you enhance the accessibility of all your Digital Services.

Accessible Documents

Creating accessible digital documents. We dive into details on how to create good image descriptions, forms and we introduce special document formats and contents such as digital talking books, accessible music, mathematics and plain language.

Web Accessibility

We can assist you develop accessible HTML5 web pages. In particular, we can train you the basics concerning structure and design and we will dive into details of accessible input elements and dynamics contents.

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technologies (AT) are technologies which help people with special needs to live independently, to learn and work, be active and participate in society.

Accessible Mobile Apps

In the last few years, sales of mobile devices have surpassed PC sales. Mobile devices can be extremely useful for people with special needs: they provide great computing memory capacities associated with permanent digital network access and minimal space and weight. We can show you principles that ensure that mobile applications are not restricted to mainstream users, but can also fulfill the requirements that make them accessible to everyone. Practical exercises that can be done on the main mobile operating systems will be proposed and explained.
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